When you purchase your instrument directly from Zachary Moen Violins, you form a relationship with us for as long as you own the instrument.

Each instrument by Zachary Moen that is purchased directly from Zachary Moen Violins includes:

  • Complimentary annual adjustment, cleaning, and polishing
  • Complimentary repairs of issues caused by workmanship issues other than normal wear and tear and settling, assuming no abuse or neglect after purchase
  • An option to trade up at 100% of the original price to a violin of higher value from Zachary Moen Violins, assuming no damage other than normal cosmetic wear
  • Should you decide to sell the instrument, an option to have Zachary Moen Violins resell the instrument at a reduced 20% commission plus the cost of any work needed to bring the instrument into top playing condition

Note that the customer is responsible for any cost incurred in getting the instrument to and from the studio, including any necessary travel or shipping expenses.

The Moen Violins Guarantee does not apply to instruments by Zachary Moen that are not purchased directly from Zachary Moen Violins.  Any warranty or guarantee for those instruments would be provided by the dealer or seller of the instrument.

The Moen Violins Guarantee also does not apply to instruments purchased from Zachary Moen Violins by dealers for resale.

Full details of the Moen Violins Guarantee will be provided at the time of purchase.

Bows, cases, books, and accessories purchased from Zachary Moen Violins are subject to our return policy and to the applicable manufacturer's warranty.